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Social Insurance Programs

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  • NS Social Insurance Programs 216

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    Programs that have been established by law and are generally compulsory in nature which provide cash income on a regular basis or payments to meet a designated need for people who are entitled to benefits based on their own or their employer's contributions to the program and their service to the country. Although there may be assessment procedures to confirm eligibility, there are no financial means or assets tests associated with these benefits.

  • NS-1000 Burial Benefits 5

    Public programs that pay a portion of the funeral expenses of individuals who qualify, i.e., persons entitled to Social Security and/or veteran benefits.

  • NS-1800 Disability Benefits 148

    Public social insurance programs that replace income lost because of a physical or mental impairment severe enough to prevent a previously employed person from working. Monthly cash benefits are paid to the eligible individual with a disability and his or her eligible dependents throughout the period of disability.

  • NS-4500 Life Insurance 1

    Public programs that issue policies in which the organization, in return for premium payments, agrees to pay a specified sum (the face value or material value of the policy) to the designated beneficiary upon the death of the person who is insured.

  • NS-7000 Retirement Benefits 3

    Public programs administered by retirement disbursement authorities that make monthly cash payments to eligible workers and their eligible dependents following retirement. The amount of the monthly check is based on the worker's earnings and the length of time contributions were made to the retirement program.

  • NS-8000 Social Health Insurance 56

    Public social insurance programs that provide benefits to cover all or a portion of the health care costs of covered individuals and their eligible dependents.

  • NS-8200 Survivors Insurance 6

    Public social insurance programs that replace income lost to dependents because of a worker's death. Monthly cash benefits are paid to the eligible dependents of deceased workers.

  • NS-9000 Unemployment Insurance 4

    Programs that provide partial income replacement for a limited period of time for eligible individuals who become unemployed.