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Temporary Financial Assistance

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  • NT Temporary Financial Assistance 247

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    Programs that provide assistance for people who are experiencing an unexpected financial shortfall and have insufficient resources to obtain essential services or to meet expenses in situations where financial assistance related to their specific circumstance is unavailable. Monetary assistance may be in the form of cash, loans, checks or vouchers.

  • NT-6400 Personal Loans 8

    Programs that provide interest free, low interest or market interest rate loans for people who do not have the credit or the income to secure loans on the conventional loan market.

  • NT-6500 Service Cost Payment Assistance 2

    Programs that provide financial assistance for the express purpose of helping people pay for necessary supportive services in situations where they cannot otherwise obtain them. Programs that purchase services for individuals as a component of case management are not included.

  • NT-8900 Undesignated Temporary Financial Assistance 237

    Programs that provide cash, vouchers or other forms of monetary aid for people in need of assistance and evaluate the individual's or family's need for the money on a case-by-case basis rather than having pre-established policies regarding the types of needs the dollars can be used to cover.