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Death Certification/Burial Arrangements

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  • PB Death Certification/Burial Arrangements 95

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    Programs that investigate and establish the cause of death in prescribed situations; help people dispose of the personal property of a family member or friend who has died; or provide funeral services and/or arrange for the shipping, interment, entombment, scattering or release of the remains of a person who has died.

  • PB-0900 Burial/Cremation Expense Assistance 94

    Programs that provide financial assistance to help families who have lost a loved one pay for the funeral and/or the cremation or interment of the individual's remains.

  • PB-5000 Mortuary Services 1

    Programs that provide funeral home services including removal of the body to the funeral home; preparing, obtaining necessary signatures on and filing the death certificate and deposition permit with the local health department; embalming services; cremation services; temporary care for the body prior to final disposition; visitation, private viewing and memorial services; and/or cremation caskets, burial caskets, burial vaults, grave markers, urns and other interment accessories.