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Domestic Animal Services

Topics for "Domestic Animal Services"

  • PD Domestic Animal Services 94

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    Programs that provide for the humane care, protection and control of the domestic animals.

  • PD-6250 Pet Care Services 18

    Programs that provide pet-related supplies or services which enable pet owners to acquire a pet and/or take care of their pet's needs.

  • PD-7600 Protective Services for Animals 54

    Programs that provide a variety of services that shield domestic animals from harm in the form of cruelty, abuse, neglect or exploitation. Included are services for abandoned, lost or otherwise homeless animals and those who need to be rescued from dangerous situations.

  • PD-9000 Veterinary Services 27

    Programs that provide diagnostic and treatment services for animals who have illnesses, injuries or emotional problems; and which euthanize animals who are aged or in severe pain because of untreatable health problems. Preventive care is generally also available.