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Job Situation

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  • YL-3500 Job Situation 365

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    Individuals who have needs and interests in common based on their work arrangements.

  • YL-3500.0400 Alternative/Contingent Workers 4

    Individuals whose jobs are alternatives to traditional permanent, full-time work. Included are part time workers, contract workers, temporary workers, day laborers, on-call workers, seasonal workers and temporary workers.

  • YL-3500.1900 Displaced Homemakers 15

    Individuals (primarily women) who, in their middle and later years, having fulfilled the role of homemaker, find themselves displaced because of dissolution of marriage, death of a spouse, or other loss of family income. As a consequence, displaced homemakers have a greatly reduced income, a high rate of unemployment due to age, lack of paid work experience and discrimination, and limited opportunities to collect assistance from social security, unemployment compensation, Medicaid and other health insurance benefits, or the pension plans of their spouse.

  • YL-3500.1910 Displaced Workers 135

    Individuals who are unable to continue in a particular job, industry or profession because the needs of society have changed and the person's skills are no longer required.

  • YL-3500.4000 Laid Off Workers 1

    Individuals who have lost their jobs as a result of downsizing or other problems in the workplace that have caused reductions in staff.

  • YL-3500.4500 Layoff Survivors 1

    Individuals who have retained their jobs during a period of staff reductions in situations where friends and co-workers have been let go, and who may have feelings of anger, sadness, guilt and a sense of powerlessness as a result.

  • YL-3500.6400 Older Workers 35

    Individuals between the ages of 40 and 65 years and older depending on the definition used by a particular program. Different organizations use a broad spectrum of ages to determine when they consider an employee an "older worker". For example, The U.S. Department of Labor considers an older worker to be someone age 55 years or older, whereas the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 provides protection for anyone in the workplace older than age 40.

  • YL-3500.7000 Retirees 9

    Individuals who have made a decision to retire and are no longer seeking full time employment. Some nominally retired persons may engage in part-time work for economic or other reasons.

  • YL-3500.9000 Underemployed Workers 2

    Individuals who are employed in part-time jobs when full-time positions are needed or hold full-time positions that are inadequate with respect to their training and/or economic needs.

  • YL-3500.9400 Workers Needing Transportation 5

    Individuals who currently have jobs or who could have a job, generally at a low-income level, but are at risk of becoming or remaining unemployed because they do not have a reliable means of transportation.