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Living Situation/Housing Status

Topics for "Living Situation/Housing Status"

  • YM Living Situation/Housing Status 802

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    Individuals and/or families who have needs and interests in common based on the type of housing, shelter or other accommodation they currently occupy.

  • YM-1500 Crisis Shelter Residents 38

    Individuals (some with children) who are currently staying in a temporary shelter for people who are unable to return to their own homes due to sexual assault, domestic violence or other problems.

  • YM-2000 Foster Home Residents 107

    People who are currently residing in an agency-supervised private family home which may be structured to meet the needs of children and youth who have been neglected, abused or abandoned and are no longer able to live with their birth families; older adults; people with disabilities or other populations. Note that foster care for older adults and/or people with disabilities may not be available in all states.

  • YM-2500 Group Home Residents 108

    People who are currently residing in an agency-owned or operated facility that can generally accommodate six to 13 residents who can benefit from a professionally supervised, treatment oriented, structured group environment.

  • YM-2900 Homeowners 21

    People who have purchased the home or condominium in which they live.

  • YM-5200 Mobile Home Park Residents 2

    People who live in a mobile home unit that is parked in a planned community that provides space on a rental or purchase basis and access to utilities.

  • YM-6200 People At Risk of Foreclosure 24

    Individuals and families who are unable to make their mortgage payments and at risk of losing their homes through foreclosure or who are already in the foreclosure process. Also included are people who are unable to make their property tax payments and at risk of losing their homes through tax foreclosure.

  • YM-7000 Retirement Community Residents 1

    People who live in a planned community which provides housing in a secure environment and a variety of recreational facilities for golf, swimming, tennis, physical fitness and other activities. Retirement communities are exclusively for active, independent older adults. The minimum age is usually 55 for at least one of the residents, but is sometimes is 62.

  • YM-8250 Subsidized Rental Housing Residents 4

    Individuals who live in public or private rental housing which has been subsidized by federal or local housing programs or community-based religious or charitable organizations.

  • YM-8300 Supportive Housing Residents 18

    People who live in an assisted living facility, continuing care retirement community, life care community, residential care home, semi-independent living residence or other facility for older adults or people with disabilities who are unable to function in an independent living environment because they need assistance with toileting, bathing, dressing, medication management and administration, meals and housekeeping and other activities of daily living.

  • YM-8480 Tenants 24

    Individuals who rent land or property for their home or business. Tenants may (or may not) have a signed lease.

  • YM-8500 Transitional Housing/Shelter Residents 567

    People who are currently residing in facilities that provide extended shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals and/or families with the goal of helping them live independently and transition into permanent housing. Included are people who have graduated from a domestic violence shelter and are currently living in affordable housing complexes on a temporary, transitional basis until they have the resources to return to eventual independent living.