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Topics for "Transients"

  • YV Transients 1253

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    Individuals or families who are present in the community on a temporary or itinerant basis or who are homeless and have no fixed residence at all.

  • YV-0400 At Risk for Homelessness 754

    Individuals or families who are at risk for becoming homeless because they are unable to make their rent or mortgage payment and face eviction or foreclosure or who have already lost their permanent residence and are "doubled up", i.e., are staying temporarily with friends or relatives.

  • YV-3000 Homeless People 1198

    Individuals and families who have no fixed, regular and adequate residence, who are residing temporarily with relatives or friends or who live on the street, in emergency or transitional shelters, in a hotel or motel paid for with a shelter voucher, in seriously substandard housing or in an abandoned building, place of business, car or other vehicle, or other public or private place that is not ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for people. Some people who are homeless have issues with substance abuse, chronic or severe mental illness, chronic unemployment or underemployment, or other problems that prevent them from obtaining housing.

  • YV-5000 Migrants 25

    People who move from one temporary residence to another, usually in search of temporary or seasonal employment.

  • YV-6500 Previously Homeless People 1

    People who, in the recent past, have been homeless and are currently in temporary or transitional housing or another unstable housing situation and seeking a more permanent housing option.